Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Thongs (Don't let the name scare you. Totally G rated.)

What The Heck is this???

OH! I see.

I First saw these cute little things at a booth fair thing. LOL Then I got one from my Mother-in-law and I LOVE them! Such a cute, simple, convenient idea. And actually, the ones I've seen don't seem to cost TOO much, as long as they are basic and not extravagant. So the basic idea is use a waxed thread a little longer than the length of the book you will use, (or just a general book length,) get some fun beads, tie some knots, put the beads on in any order or style you want, then secure them with more knots. SO SIMPLE!! The hardest parts are learning how to put the knots in the right spots and knotting the ends. I've found that you should tie one END first,put on the beads, tie a knot at the base of those beads, string on the beads for the other end, let them slide down and tie the END then slide them to that end knot and tie a knot at the base of those beads. Does that make sense? It is simpler to tie the ends first then you're not trying to tie a knot with a tiny end of thread. These are perfect for all kinds of books. And you can have more than one for say... your scriptures, or text books. Things that you need to have multiple pages marked. Plus they just look cute and make wonderful gifts! So there you have it folks. Try it out. Tell me how you like them. Post pictures of your own if you like. And you can even get fancy. We like fancy! :) Good luck!

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